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Anna BasakidouTutor of English as a Foreign Language
EQnomics is a useful tool for those who want to improve their skills. Actually, EQnomics is a company that strives for service excellence. The impression I got from your amazing presentation, is that you are excellent professionals and an inspiration for those who work with you. It is worthy of note that you are pioneers in the ideas and the way knowledge is transmitted. Thank you again for your immediate response to my request!
Best simulation interview and personal coaching. Nikolas and Mina are one undefeated couple when it comes to self-presenting advice and how to get through several types of interview processes. You will find ways to present the best of you, answer tough questions and built strong arguments when it comes to debates. In my opinion is the best investment for young professionals who are just starting their careers or students that are about to make the very first career steps. I have reached my goals so far and I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to thrive in their interviews. Thank you guys!
Efcharis RocanasThomas Miller
Nikolas is a great tutor - with his guidance, navigating the roads of neuro liguistic programming is both logical and interesting.He is sure to help you find the tools you need in order to identify and attain goals in both your personal and professional life and then help you achieve them.I recommend this seminar to anyone with a healthy appetite for self-improvement and general knowledge of a psychological, sociological and communications nature.I already feel calmer, lighter and more certain in my thought-process.5 stars - well done!
Anastasia KaraflaEurobank
A very informative seminar that continues to expand my knowledge level !!!!Thank u ....I ll be back for more!!!!!
George PilpilidisCEO - hopwave
A roller-coaster of thought and feelings for leading my Start Up. A great experience!
Andri MavrouEFL Tutor, Cyprus
I attended your seminar today and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I'm looking forward to more!
Katerina Kolliniati
NLP with Nikola T. is fun, not boring, helpful, positive, practical, results oriented, healthy, a great self booster, sociable while personal enough! A great experience! Τhank you!
Flora Kyriakou-GeorgiouEFL Tutor, Cyprus
I am an English Teacher. I listened to your talk at the Hilton. Congratulations it was not only very interesting, it was also an excellent presentation!
Xenia ZografouTutor of English as a Foreign Language
Great job! Well Done!
Spyros AgrianitisAlpha Bank
Highly recommended for personal as well as business development !!! Know Thy Self and open up to endless possibilities!!!
This EQworkshop not only met but exceeded my expectations! I would definitely recommend this Leadership EQworkshop to everyone!
Congratulations for your professionalism, efficiency and flexibility. Cooperating with you personally and with EQnomics® was a real pleasure. I have never seen before, during other seminars, such an enthusiasm on the faces of the participants.Keep going and I hope we have the chance to collaborate again soon!
Life changing. In the biggest and smallest ways. Don't wait!
Panayiotis LeliopoulosFounder - mycitylane
Very good workshop. Incredibly useful for Leading my Start - Up!
Tatiana Abou Ghazalehgraphic designer
Οpens up YOUR horizon of thinking. Τhank you!
The EQnomics NLP squareone® Core Skills is a very well organised, prepared with love and professionalism course. Truly insightful, it drills down on the tools and methods for learning practices that will change your life both for personal and work related affairs.A big thank you to Nicholas who is a great instructor!
My participating in the EQnomics "NLP squareone" seminar cycle has been a life changing experience that provided me with the theory and real life applicable techniques which already assist me not only in my way of thinking and communicating, but also in academia and overall life perspective. Extra credits to Nikolas Theodorou who has been a great speaker / teacher !!
Nicolas RaptisΒackbone Τechnology
Best investment i've made in a long time. Nikolas Theodorou work (squareone) is 100% rock solid professional stuff. 5 stars from me.
Inspired and inspiring pair. Thank you!
EQnomics' NLP seminars have helped me embrace a different, more possitive perspective about things in my every day life. It is not limited to a certain group of people, that's the great thing about it, anyone can do it! Thank you for this experience.
Irini SotiriouEurobank
Many many thanks for my personal coaching!!! It is the best investment for myself and for my career because with your help i achieved my goal. 5 STARS you deserve it !!!! I strongly suggest the move to anyone who really wants to succeed.
Spiridoula ArtavaniGraphic Designer
The EQtraining® NLP squareone® Core Skills® constitutes a life’s valuable asset as it enriched my experience with new methods and techniques that reinforce my personality and shed light not only to existing strengths and skills, but also to new options and choices in all facets of my life. Nikolas and Mina I thank you for this wonderful journey, till today and the one ahead!
The Leadership EQworkshop by EQnomics delivered by Mr. Theodorou was indeed a very inspiring experience!
Shereen SultanMaadi Narmer School
One of the most life changing courses I've attended was the NLP squareone® Core Skills® conducted by EQnomics®Professional, knowledgeable and tremendously helpful!

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