About Us

EQnomics ®, short for Electro – Quantum nomics ®, is an industry-active Business Consulting, Leadership & Development Training and Excellence Coaching organisation, offering its expert services in:


  • Consulting SMEs, Multinationals & StartUps on Vision, Strategy, Systems, Processes & Human Performance
  • Delivering In-house training for Management Teams, Executives & company outfits for Leading, Managing and Delivering results
    Business EQtraining®
  • Conducting Certified Open Training using systemic cognitive neuro-technologies that re-engineer performance and life
    Certified EQtraining®
  • Coaching Entrepreneurs, Executives, Professionals & Individuals towards their defined success and satisfaction
    Excellence EQcoaching®


As an Organisation we already apply what we consult, thus everyone at EQnomics ® takes pride and is committed to delivering top-of-class, timely, cost effective, focused and applicable results throughout our cooperation with our clients.

Our skill-set and expertise is rare to be encountered fusing multinational, matrix-based, cross-functional and bottom-line focused proven experience with more than combined 20 years of diverse C-Level Corporate, International Business, Training & Coaching track-record.

A unique blend of industry and function know-how with cutting-edge neuroscience for embedding success and guaranteeing complete Enterprise, Operational and Personal Excellence!

As a solid combination of multicultural experts and executives, we offer our


Our EQnomics ® Team of Directors and Executive Consultants, together with our International Trusted Partners and Associates can serve:

  • Local & International companies and firms, established or interested to invest, in providing them with the exact expertise required for:
    • End-to-End Corporate, Financial & Project Management EQconsulting®
    • Business Turnaround / Change Management
    • Outsourcing
    • Operational Excellence EQconsulting®
    • Systems & Processes EQconsulting® amongst others, as well as
    • Business EQtraining® in an array of Professional Hard and Hard-Core Skills (Soft Skills proved erroneous!)
    • Capital & Financing solutions
  • Local and International Organisations, Executives, Teams and Individuals, in providing them with:
    • Executive Excellence EQcoaching®
    • Quantum Team Building
    • Personal Excellence programs


It is this unique synthesis of local and international applied know-how with which each and everyone here at EQnomics ® is equipped, that serves as our clients assurance for a successful, meaningful and pragmatic result.

At EQnomics ® we operate and consult you, the way you want to be consulted!

We invite you to browse our website (in the Greek and English language, like our mother tongues and the languages in which all our services are provided), learn about what we are currently offering in terms of EQconsulting®, EQtraining®, EQworkshops® and EQcoaching ® for businesses, teams & individuals, read our EQblog® to get a taste of what we’ve been pondering upon and don’t forget to get in touch with us as soon as you see something we do (or that we don’t do!) that will suit your needs.

You’ll be greeted with a warm smile.


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