Business EQconsulting

Business EQconsulting®

Science. Experience. Execution.

Our proven, hands-on experience in an array of contexts – beyond theory – also involves multiple scenario feedback, vision and best practice.

At EQnomics®, our combined skill and feel enables us individually and collectively to offer strategic overview and direction supported by our practical know-how of implementation-to-delivery, whether a commercial transaction or an industrial project on the ground.

EQnomics® Consults and Delivers alongside our clients, offering our expert services for:

Corporations & SMEs

The evolution of cross-country operations: capital requirements, HR Capital, systems and processes has increasingly created the need for agile maneuvering, swift and sound executive decisions, pro-activeness and flexibility within systems, jurisdictions and industries, with us humans remaining the key players!

EQnomics® equipped with years of cross-functional experience in the global arena can assist you in

  • Designing
  • Implementing
  • Realising

YOUR Business, Corporate & Project Management strategic objectives.

Business, Corporate & Projects
Capital & Financing


EQnomics ® has built, facilitated or participated in a number of successful start-ups in the:

  • Energy
  • Shipping
  • Services
  • Projects
  • Education
  • FMCGs
  • IT
  • Finance

As such, we have amalgamated our collective knowledge, successes, near-misses and best of actionable, applicable and functioning practices and ideas into assisting you…

…Start – Up your Idea, your Dream, your Business….

That which rocks your boat.

That which you believe can rock everyone else’s boat as well!

Being amongst those who rightfully recognise that agility and relationships are paramount during this incubation journey, EQnomics ® has strategically created a flexible modus-operandi via which we can outline, design and travel this path and offered through our tactical EQconsulting® offered structure:

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