Business EQtraining

Business EQtraining®

Driven by our Education arm and reinforced with a combination of solid operational science and hands-on multinational experience both in complex matrix organisations and small and medium enterprises (SME’s), EQnomics® is your choice of top class REAL Corporate & Business Leadership, Training & Development (LTD) that provides assured Return on Investment (ROI).

The EQnomics® Corporate & Business EQtraining® courses cover (amongst others) the areas of:

You can find all the details you require for each one below before you contact us for your booking:

Communication - Advanced
Communication - Expert
Negotiations - Advanced
Negotiations - Expert
Target XP
Presentation Skills
Coach Pro
Business & Personal NLP Practitioner
Business Tailor-Made Training


We do not offer straight Operational Management training as it makes no sense to us to propagate mediocrity.

Even the simplest of tasks can be performed according to YOUR standards! BE EXCELLENT!

Whether you have opted for our day seminars or one of a longer duration, it shall be packed with Quantum delivered theory, applicable explanations, and shared regional and/or Global Best Practice relative to your industry and size.

In-house EQtraining® courses over 6 participants form a cost effective and focused option, while the material can be delivered both in the English and Greek languages internationally, be that the Americas, Europe, Africa & the Middle East, S.E. Asia, Asia or Asia Pacific.


To conduct an EQnomics® Corporate & Business EQtraining® within your company send us an email click here! or complete our contact form.

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