Certified EQtraining

Certified EQtraining®

NLP is not a pill and it has no colour.
And if it were to be something, that would be exactly what you make of it, just like with every piece of knowledge and input.

According to the co-creators of Neuro – Linguistic Programming, Drs Richard Bandler and John Grinder, it is “..an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques..”; a comprehensive approach applicable to learning, leading, parenting, educating, communicating and venturing. In a nutshell, Life!

Perhaps you have already come to the conclusion, or are very close, that you would like to finally know the patterns and processes your active brain uses for experiencing the world and produces states, emotions, decisions, actions and behaviours.
This being so, then we at EQnomics® have the will, know-how and experience you require so that you learn how to apply them in a manner that maximises your potential and advances your life. (more on this in our testimonials)

It is therefore perhaps the right time to learn how to:
• compose productive to you thought patterns and therefore,
• express (or not!) yourself using serving behaviours
• compose yourself in any situation and at par with your expectations
• learn faster and more effectively
• negotiate,
• teach,
• communicate verbally, physically or in writing using quantum linguistic patterns,
• inject science and clear objectives to the up-bringing of your children in character, emotion management, academia, thought-flexibility and a yearning for learning.

Your learning builds our spirit, both fusing to produce the power behind the intensity of our fully interactive, theory and applicability (enhanced) and digitally supported experiential certified EQtraining ® courses that we offer.

The full array of our services is delivered in both English and Greek.

Business & Personal NLP Practitioner Certification (Core Skills® - squareone® Collection)
Custom-Made Certified NLP EQtraining

Education is continuous.

As humans we sometimes seem to forget that throughout our lifetimes we constantly learn and improve on our skills & competencies, consciously or unconsciously, more often than not confusing our learning solely with what is related to school, university, and professional qualifications.

EQnomics® honours this perpetual process and offers advanced, focused and scientific EQtraining® services and courses for:

Educators / Trainers

Educator Boost


Exam Kick-Off

For Parents

squareone® NLParents

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