The 3rd Bluegrowth Competition is On!

EQnomics® is part of the core team just as we were during BG II, and what an amazing year we had!

During 2015-2016 the Bluegrowth II Competition received more than 50 applications and in January 2016 five Teams won their privilege to be Organized, Consulted, Trained, Coached and Mentored by an expert team and EQnomics® was part of it.

Represented by our Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Nikolas Theodorou, stood by

  1. Hopwave
  2. XYZ
  3. Recisle
  4. myCityLane
  5. Journeypost

coached the Teams and/or individual members, trained them on how they may define Leadership idiosyncratically and how to act it and completed 4 cutting edge Presentation & Pitching EQworkshop®, preparing each and everyone for the final Event in June during the 2016 Posidonia International Exhibition as well as their future interactions with investors and stakeholders.

By April all teams had their plans and web & social-media pages ready, while “XYZ” had already been selected to represent us at the PortXL incubator, an initiative of the Port of Rotterdam of which they were selected as finalists! (check this)

Needless to say that it was a particular honour to learn by the XYZ founding members that the quality of the EQtraining® they received was unmatched during their international experience!

Brilliantly Project Managed by Mr. Nikos Dimakis and led by Mr. Petros Kokkalis and Mr. Nikos Ververidis, a joint effort of and the Municipality of Piraeus, the Bluegrowth initiative is supporting new ideas and business ventures that re sustainable and respect the environment, values that we at EQnomics® share and endeavour to promote.

The Bluegrowth III Competition is on and EQnomics® is part of it!

Register your interest here and we shall support you in making it happen!

The Bluegrowth III Competition is on!

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