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Learner Type Test

Your Learner Type is the way in which every person prefers to collect, organise and process information. Based on scientific research, there are 3 main learner types, the Visual Learner, the Auditory Learner and the Kinaesthetic Learner.

Here at EQnomics®, over 1,000 tested students now use our Learner Type Test results and advice and have achieved:

  • Better management of increasing academic demands
  • Maximum learning in less time
  • Independent studying
  • Feeling good about their uniqueness in learning
  • Improved self-confidence levels

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Personal Statement

If you are planning to apply to a UK University, you will be required to produce a personal statement, an essay showcasing your strengths and the reason why the university should choose you, which may be the make-or-break of your application.

Here at EQnomics® we have a long list of students who made it to their university of choice and are now happily on their way to Academic Success!

Taking into account the rest of your application, we provide you with:

  • Guidance as to what should and shouldn’t go in a PS
  • Consultation on which skills and competencies to highlight
  • Advice on what academic, extracurricular and work experience to include
  • Support in writing your first draft
  • Final proofreading of your last version

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TOK & Extended Essay (I.B.)

When attending the I.B. Diploma program, amongst the most demanding periods is when turning in your TOK and Extended Essays. Our extensive experience with essay writing and professional proofreading as well as our growing number of satisfied I.B. students guarantees smooth sailing!

Here at  EQnomics®together we:

Together we:

  • Identify the focus of your essay
  • Research suitable reading material
  • Draft a plan
  • Overview your first version
  • Correct basis feedback
  • Proofread your final draft

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Essay Proofreading

Amongst the basic requirements in University or College is to produce written essays or projects throughout the year that will count towards your final grade. It goes without saying that these need to look their best, to be coherent and void of frequently-made errors.

At EQnomics® no matter where you live or if you are writing in English or Greek, we work with your text to improve it and help you convey the message you wish without changing the meaning.

Through a wide range of experience with academic and professional texts we will:

  • Maximize your material’s potential
  • Directly convey the message you want to put across
  • Accentuate the elements that need to be showcased
  • Maintain your personal touch
  • Produce a clear, error-free and well-written text

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“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin
Founding Fathers of the USA

20 years of teaching + 4 different countries + students ranging from pre-schoolers to professionals from a variety of industries + continuous retraining + exam strategy specialisation = guaranteed Academic Success with EQnomics®

Interviews may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however they are a way for the course tutors to decide which students to make an offer to.

At EQnomics® we have a super-concise, 2-hour course that will ensure you get the right preparation before boarding the plane and securing the spot you want in the college of your choice.


  • Interview preparation questions to study before our scheduled session
  • Tailor-made questions according to your chosen field of study
  • Overview of your portfolio/personal statement
  • Q&A to resolve any issues you may have prior to your interview
  • Techniques to maximise your chances of success
  • Stress management techniques
  • Techniques to boost your strong skills
  • Techniques to manage difficult questions

According to statistics, the majority of people are terrorised at the thought of a live confrontation with an examiner even though from a knowledge point of view, there may be nothing to worry about.

At EQnomics® we design bite-size courses that reveal the essential secrets that will make all the difference when you enter the exam room.  


  • Individual exam format
  • Ample practice via a wide range of topics
  • Techniques to trigger on-the-spot responses
  • Stress management techniques
  • The tools to showcase YOUR abilities
  • Exam simulation

Finishing primary school and choosing the right college that meets your family’s requirements can be a challenging decision. When the procedure includes entry exams, getting accurate consulting is essential in order to best invest your time and effort.

At EQnomics®  we hold years of experience training students for private college exams while the consulting services we provide are tailor-made to suit each family individually.


  • Overview the exam syllabus
  • Set realistic goals
  • Practice on the specific exam format
  • Focus on strengthening weak points
  • Provide consistent communication and support
  • Teach time management
  • Cover stress management techniques

Interactive, focused, bite-size workshops tailor-made for teens and university students.

/diː,di/ denoting removal or reversal

/strɛs/ a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances

  • Sleeplessness
  • Constant anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Frequent headaches
  • Stomach ache
  • Skin break-outs
  • Fatigue
  • Depression


  • An intensive and interactive 2-hour workshop with practical coping skills aimed at teenage and student stress
  • This critical period of student life requires effective techniques backed up with theory as to why high-level stress occurs and tried-and-tested methods of dealing with negative emotions that mount up
  • Strategies aimed at controlling one’s internal state during situations that trigger anxiety (exams, interviews)
  • On-the-spot practice and feedback for maximum results

During exam time is when we need to exhibit maximum performance skills in order to obtain the certificate, nail the grade and get the spot in the school of our choice.

In this intensive and interactive 2-hour EXAM KICK-OFF workshop we will:

  • Discover our Learner Type in order to improve revision performance
  • Train on how to be at our peak during an exam
  • Learn how to keep a calm frame-of-mind as we read through questions
  • Find out how correct brainstorming is done therefore improve time management
  • Be able to re-apply the techniques learnt to any future exam, independent of subject

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Juggling exam period or even a single exam, requires studying (no doubt!) but most of all a holistic approach that will help handle all aspects of life during this demanding time.

Here at EQnomics®, after many years of experience with pupils, students and professionals as well as an extensive range of exams, we have created a recipe that you learn ONCE and repeat time and time again!

Together we:

  • Specify the goals
  • Look over daily schedule/habits
  • Make improvements basis our main target
  • Add all the factors that will play a role in attaining your goal
  • Agree upon a new improved schedule
  • Maintain regular contact and offer constant support

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Through 1-on-1 sessions, seminars, workshops and training, we aim to provide solutions for those people who play the most important role in the process of Education: students, teachers and parents.

At EQnomics®, together we explore:

  • Which are the skills that need to be showcased
  • Which hidden talents we can make use of
  • Where our weak spots are
  • How we manage non-productive ways of thinking
  • How we design our personal development
  • How we discover and strengthen our children’s/students’ talents
  • How we maintain balance
  • How we create goals and achieve them

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