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Whether you have opted for our 1-day Workshop or our longer Training sessions, the theory is delivered via applicable techniques and is packed with regional and/or global Best Practice relative to your company’s industry and size.


To give you a new cutting-edge perspective on Executive Management as industrious entrepreneurs and Directors of steering the path forward, having sustained the challenges of the past, you might find yourself wearing a number of Corporate “Hats”. Some might be involved within a diversified area of operations adding to a further set of complexity, skill requirement and time allocation. Juggling time, attention and focus between your elaborate network of associates, future prospects in Business and friends and family while managing complex executive functions can prove very demanding.

Industry leaders, Corporate Directors, Management Teams (MT), Business Owners, Development & Progression of High Potential staff.


To build cutting-edge leadership capabilities that will enable you as an industry expert to meet and exceed strategic objectives of your organisation while at the same time enhance your intrapreneurial impact. These challenging times signify that leaders who have foreseen or planned an organisational transformation must take the necessary actions so as to direct their teams towards the extraordinary results they aim for.

Industry leaders, Corporate Directors, Management Teams (MT), Business Owners

Completion of Leadership Advanced training

To communicate effectively on a personal and professional level and improve relationship with business associates. Failure in this respect, impact organisational efficiency and are often demoralising for those concerned. Communication skills are therefore an essential part of everybody’s standard toolkit and understanding the role of communication is paramount. During this training, you will gain the skills to collaborate with others and leave the venue with a clear plan of how to improve your communication style and technique.

Business professionals, individuals and teams wishing to strengthen their communication & collaboration skills, allowing them to work confidently and productively with others.

To provide a seasoned professional who manages demanding operations within multicultural structures, with expert communication skills. This training equips participants with cutting-edge skills for achieving their objectives and utilising communication as an advanced tool which offers them results and a competitive advantage.

Business Executives and every individual or team that wishes to obtain advanced methods of communicating in their professional and personal life and boost their effectiveness & performance.

Completion of  Communication Advanced training


To develop and apply the skills needed to confidently persuade and influence others and to prepare for and negotiate successful outcomes which identify your associates’, partners’ and customers’ needs. Negotiations occur on a daily basis within an organization and are equally crucial with external associates or clients. The bar is further raised on occasions when negotiations take place on an international and/or multicultural level.

The ability to influence others and negotiate effectively can make the difference between capturing and not capturing a deal, and hence, hitting and missing targets.

Business professionals, sales staff & teams, managers, entrepreneurs, executives, supply chain professionals, purchasing and contracting & procurement professionals and anyone who wishes to expand their skills and competencies in negotiating effectively.

With Communication being an integral prerequisite to a productive Negotiation, it is strongly advised that participants have completed Communication Advanced Training.

To give participants the ability to exploit every available resource and enhance skills obtained during the Negotiations Advanced Training course. Negotiations are an integral part of personal and professional interactions.

They have been studied and modelled in depth for centuries. Mastery in negotiations, entails in-depth understanding of the different negotiating styles as well as robust management of the technical aspects that have been the result of these studies and form the protocols used by experts around the world.

Everyone involved in managing large, complex and demanding internal and/or external scenarios, situations and/or organisations.


To create a good plan that will remain doable irrespective of changes in the market conditions or the surrounding business and economic environment. A number of studies have by now proveN that while the human brain is unique in its capacity to virtualise a “perceptual” future, it is also prone to a number of cognitive “traps” that inhibit its capacity for accuracy. In fact, its future statistical and forecasting capacity is quite poor and inaccurate.

EQnomics® has designed TARGET XP, a training packed with all the necessary theory, practice, scenario applications and experience required so that upon graduation you, as an Individual, a Team, a Business Outfit or Management Team can zoom in, create and linguistically express your desired objectives in such a manner that they become a reality.

Business Professionals, Corporate Executives, Business Owners, Team Leaders, Management Teams (MT)

To improve Public Speaking in order to create capturing presentations and deliver them in a
confident and impressive manner.

Presentation skills in today’s world are a core business requirement whether in writing, verbally
or in front of small or large groups. However, a significant number of people dread the moment
instead of longing for the opportunity, which results in either avoiding it or producing results
inferior to their perspective capacity.

Public Speaking can be taught, learned and perfected!

Anyone involved in the creation and/or delivery of personal or professional presentations irrespective of the crowd size or type of venue.

To install a coaching and self-development mentality within an organisation while offering participants the necessary skills to become inspiring coaches of themselves and those around them.

A coach is a person that can assist others to identify unproductive ways of thinking and behaving, realise appealing alternatives and thus maximise their potential, satisfaction and performance. A capable coach has the ability to support both self and others.

In the past such skills were considered as soft and viewed as unnecessary luxuries however during the past 20 years their importance in both employee operations and hard number delivery has been identified as paramount.

Everyone involved with interpersonal relationships within organisational contexts, multicultural environments or multinational arenas.

To provide focused theory and interactive exercises that will guarantee syllabus comprehension and ability to apply to real-world situations, with specific emphasis on your organisational needs. Depending on the size, industry and organisational structure entailed, often the situation commands for solutions that are tailor-made to each enterprise. 

EQnomics® is equipped with the experience, flexibility and tools in order to be in a vantage position to provide such solutions. After careful consideration, consultation and assessment we will have assured a thorough understanding of your specific needs from an HR, Operational, Financial, Project, Stakeholder and Participant point of view that will allow us to efficiently devote time and resources in providing you with a choice of options that satisfy and exceed your requirements. 

Large multinationals, Medium & Small size businesses, Management Teams (MT), Company Branches, Franchises, Start-Ups, Multicultural Organisations, operating in any industry or financial sector.

Following completion of the Leadership Training (Adv. & Exp.), wherein participants have mastered their exceptional management style, they now surgically identify the quintessential elements that will define their success and are called upon to align these elements as a Team and bring them forward in order to ultimately propel the development of their Mission. This training is custom-designed to hone in all previously learnt cutting-edge leadership strategies together with their uniquely combined Team elements that will lead this Business Team to identifying its Vision and pinpointing the specific characteristics that define each individual player.

Industry Leaders, Corporate Directors, Management Teams, Business Owners, Development and Progression of High Potential Staff.

Completion of Leadership Advanced & Leadership Expert training.


A unique combination of 20+ years of regional as well as global professional expertise is what guarantees a successful outcome for our Business Solutions customers. At EQnomics®  we operate and consult you the way YOU want to be consulted!

Business Model & Upgrade

A successful Business Plan requires a holistic approach incorporating the Passion, the Vision and the Mission of your idea. In order for your endeavour to be healthy, it requires Due Diligence and a Financial Model that includes future strategic steps as well as profitability.

The EQnomics® Team will:

  • Help you specify the Passion, the Vision and the Mission of your idea
  • Design a Business Model that includes market research, strategic flexibility, Financing and Marketing
  • Present you with results based on a detailed financial model & cashflow
  • Capitalise on the existing team’s dynamics (Leadership & Execution)
  • Reveal the prospects for profitability and development of your entrepreneurial move.

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In order for a project to be completed with success, it requires experienced management and a reliable network of strategic cooperations. 20 years down the line, we boast know-how from a wide range of industries and a strong network of top-quality professionals.

Here at EQnomics® we provide:

  • Due diligence
  • Tailor-made financing solutions
  • Strategy adapted to your industry’s requirements
  • Financially viable solutions

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EQnomics® has helped build a large number of successful businesses in a multitude of industries: Energy, Shipping, Services, Projects, Education, Food and Beverage, I.T., Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Blue Economy, Tourism, Consumer & Luxury Goods.

At EQnomics® in order for you to transform your Start-Up into a Business, we have combined: 

  • The knowledge gained from our successes
  • The lessons learned from our failures
  • Best practices and ideas

We can design and map out the route to be travelled.

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Human Resources

If you think a good business executive is costly for your company, just think how costly the wrong business executive can be! The selection process of filling a position can often be time-consuming and inefficient for you or your staff.

At EQnomics® we combine:

  • Multinational know-how in C-Level positions
  • Human-centered Training applying innovative technologies
  • Recruitment process outsourcing based on your company’s values and with a view to your successful future

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or your company’s recruitment consulting

Also see Career and CV Management Coaching


Keynote Speeches

A conference, a corporate event or a forum are an opportunity to bond with your participants, whether your employees, perspective customers or existing clientele. It is a unique opportunity to deliver strategic messages to your audience.

EQnomics® has years of experience giving talks and making presentations at local and international conferences through which our goal is to: 

  • Offer solutions to work-related issues
  • Promote and stress the company’s values and philosophy
  • Capture the audience through lively, interactive talks
  • Create a unique presentation, tailor-made for your needs alone

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Corporate Communication

In the age of the Internet, your key business tool is impeccable texts. In order to showcase your professional profile, all written communication with your clientele should look its best in the English and Greek language.

Wherever your company is based, EQnomics® can process all your written communication in order to ensure consistency across all of your content and support you in formatting your text to the style you require.

Through our experience with newsletters, press releases, manuals, website copywriting, brochures, presentation material and corporate communication we aim to:

  • Maximise your material’s potential
  • Communicate the message you want to put across
  • Highlight the elements you consider important
  • Maintain your personal style
  • Produce clear, concise, error-free texts

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Corporate Identity

Your company’s image and the impression it makes on the audience you wish to captivate, is what makes all the difference when creating corporate identity.

At EQnomics® our team of specialised professionals designs your company’s corporate identity:

  • The logo
  • The business cards, envelopes, company forms (MS Word, ppt)
  • folders, notepads, invoices brochures, flyers, banners

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Website creation

Your services and products are showcased through a fresh and clear website. Revamp your website or create one from scratch, there’s plenty of creativity in store!

Here at EQnomics® our creative team offers flexible solutions:

  • Graphic design (UI, user interface)
  • Copywriting/proofreading texts
  • Scripting
  • UX, user experience and SEO specifications

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Social Media Management

Social media is too big and important nowadays to leave to chance. Your company’s extrovertness and your brand’s personality is showcased through your social media presence.

The EQnomics® Team in collaboration with professional image-makers and self-branding experts, can support you in:

  • Building your corporate identity
  • Creating brand/services awareness
  • Staying connected with your customers

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for your business Social Media management.

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A well-researched Executive Coaching program offers the necessary support to Executives and Management Teams who can bring visible results to business profitability and success. Using the highest discretion, sessions are held with respect to our customers’ unique profile and individual wishes.

Here at EQnomics® our Executive Coaching sessions are designed to:

  • Erase limiting beliefs and obstacles
  • Strengthen your self-confidence
  • Instil effective behavioural patterns
  • Bring balance to everyday life
  • Present you with more choices
  • Reinforce your effectiveness

We offer our customers the option to purchase individual one-on-one Executive Coaching sessions or in packs of 6 at a discounted price. Sessions are always held with respect to our customers’ unique profile and individual wishes always with the highest discretion.

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Today’s media require strategic handling in order to speak directly to the needs of YOUR audience. Leaders, Executives, Politicians, Athletes, Journalists and Entrepreneurs: incorporate your unique personality and originality into every media opportunity and become a sought-out guest.

Within our studio-like setup, the EQnomics® team supports you through:

  • TV interviews and debates
  • RADIO shows
  • Professional photo shoots
  • Making the most of your voice and your body posture depending on the media objective
  • Building the necessary confidence to handle any interview set-up
  • Fully familiarising yourself with the interview process
  •  Gracefully bridging from your host’s questions to the answers you want to provide
  •  Techniques to handle “hostile” interviews
  • Using clothes and make-up to enhance your natural charm

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Career and CV

Whether you are a university graduate, a young entrepreneur or a career transition/outplacement executive, you may find you need to (re)determine your competences and see how these can be channelled into the available range of choices.

At EQnomics® through one-on-one sessions we support the business person:

  • Receive accurate knowledge of the current market situation
  • Highlight his/her CV’s strong points
  • Prioritise choices and next moves in order to maximise time and cost efficiency
  • Strategically set goals basis individual skills and the market vs CV dynamics

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After your CV has been shortlisted, it is time to prepare for your next step, the interview, in order to nail the position locally or internationally. Our many years of experience within multinational companies in combination with our specialised recruitment services is the foundation on which we work.

At EQnomics® we support our customers:

  • Gain the confidence required in an interview set-up
  • Know the interview procedure and steps
  • Know how to answer frequently asked questions avoiding the use of pre-set phrases
  • Learn techniques on how to instantly deal with “difficult questions”
  • Improve voice characteristics (volume, tone, pitch)
  • Improve body posture

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“The Secret Of Business Is To Know Something
That Nobody Else Knows.”


Aristotle Onassis
Greek Shipping Magnate


Multinationals, Small-Medium Entreprises, Family Businesses, Start-Ups