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“Stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting different results” is a para-phrase said to have been uttered by the one and only Albert Einstein (however, a little more research will probably show you that this particular phrase is attributed to many!). It is mostly due to my profession that I can sometimes picture him […]

What happens when children don’t have the internet for a whole day..?

An article that stirred quite an interest when we posted it on our FB page here also included in our EQblog®, with all the relevant links from brightside.me at the end. Here it is!   Child psychologist Yekaterina Murashova describes an unusual experiment in her book showing what happened when a group of teenagers were deprived of access to the internet […]

Focusing on the solution!

Summer of 2015. Greek businesses are witnessing multiple blows on many fronts. One could definitely say the same about students, parents as well as our colleagues in the field of Education. Within this context of recess, I sometimes wonder how much time we must spend on pinpointing mistakes, slip-ups and the history of an issue; […]

“She’s got him on a short…”

I shall begin with the ‘middle’, erroneous as this may initially seem, making sure not to spoil the end. And, what else could the ‘middle’ be in the case of Neuro-Linguistic Programming than – Yes, you guessed it! – The letter ‘L’. Engulfed within ‘N’ and ‘P’, although proudly separate when following from the hyphen […]