EQnomics @ BG III Demo Day

On the evening of Tuesday 14th December, 250 people, amongst which business-people, startupers and students, filled the amphitheater at the Piraeus T.E.I.University. The municipality of Pireus once again offered its full support to the Bluegrowth III Demo Day competition, while the 11teams that were successfully shortlisted for their business innovation, presented their ideas and answered […]


DYNAMARINe was born out of the necessity to fill a gap in the Ship-To-Ship (STS) Operations domain.   Its Founders, Directors and staff were committed to continuous improvement and growth apparent in the increase of its customer base over the past 5 years.   EQnomics® was born out of the need to fill a gap […]

EQnomics @ Crikos

Nikolas Theodorou A Business Strategist & Corporate Trainer that inspires Human Change & Evolution and Transforms Individuals, Teams & Businesses!   I always have great respect and admiration for “life changers”! And by that, I mean people who have the guts to change their life 180 degrees, leaving a comfortable and “easier” life for a […]

EQnomics @ Bluegrowth II – BG II

The Bluegrowth III Competition is on! How could it not be!   EQnomics® is part of the core team just as we were during BG II, and what an amazing year we had! During 2015-2016 the Bluegrowth II Competition received more than 50 applications and in January 2016 five Teams won their privilege to be […]

EQnomics @ E.O.

On July 7th EQnomics had the great pleasure of conducting a crisp and effective “NLP Comms & Negos“ EQworkshop® with the Entrepreneurs Organization – Greece Chapter.   At the welcoming grounds of The Hub, the attendees, all Founders and C.E.Os, sharpened their Communication effectiveness and increased their negotiation resourcefulness and effectiveness assisted by the use […]

EQnomics @ the 1st YESf

Five months ago no one could have foreseen what happened on the 10th of June 2016, during the last day of the Posidonia 2016 International Exhibition in Athens Greece!   The 1st Young Executives Shipping Forum, a.k.a. YESf, attracted more than 1,500 participants, hosted 3 Amazing Panels, included speeches by Mr. Papageorgiou of the Ministry […]

EQnomics @ NBG i-Bank #fintech #crowdhackathon

During the 2-day NBG i-bank #fintech crowdhackathon, which this year focuses on Minimum Viable Products (MVP) and innovations regarding the financial transactions arena, EQnomics®’ Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Nikolas Theodorou shall have the privilege of being a member of the Mentoring Council.   During the NBG i-bank #fintech crowdhackathon we call upon young entrepreneurs, […]

EQnomics & SPECTRUM I @ Innovathens

EQnomics® , staying true to its commitment for scientific and effective training, using Systemic techniques and based on its many years of experience within international businesses and their management, presents in collaboration with the HUB OF INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP TECHNOPOLIS CITY OF ATHENS – INNOVATHENS, the certified and experiential EQtraining®: “Basic Business Principles, Communication within […]

EQnomics® Founder is Appointed as New MD of Verifavia Shipping (Hellas) Ltd.

The announcement that our EQnomics® Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Nikolas Theodorou, has accepted the honour to lead Verifavia Shipping (Hellas) Ltd. as their newly appointed Managing Director for the cluster, has filled everyone here at EQnomics with pride!   This decision  allows Mr. Theodorou to actively support Environmental Sustainability and Multinational Organisation Management within […]

EQnomics & YESf

It is a great honour for EQnomics® to participate via its Managing Director in the Young Executives Shipping Forum (YESF), a OpenMind Group and The Canvas – Debating Business Ideas action. Mr. Nikolas Theodorou will have the pleasure to be the Coordinator of a dynamic, creative and active team of young people which will be […]

EQnomics® @ International Publishers Exhibition – Spring 2016

Photographs from the IPE Spring ’16 Series EQnomics® is thrilled to participate in the 15th Cyprus International Publishers Exhibition, the 33rd Thessaloniki International Publishers Exhibition and the 33rd Athens International Publishers Exhibition as guests of International Publishers Exhibitions with an interactive and experiential professional talk with the following Title & Subject!: Teacher Cheat-Sheet: 6 most […]

EQnomics® @ The iforU Greek Mentoring Network

EQnomics® @ The iforU Greek Mentoring Network 12th mentors mentees meeting with Mr. Nikolas Theodorou as part of the Mentoring Team, assisting bright & dynamic ladies materialise their business plans. The venue was held at the offices of Magnet Advertising in Marousi, Athens and we wish to thank Ms. Danae Bezantakou & Ms. Effie Karakitsou […]

EQnomics @ Blue Growth Demo Day II

The Demo Day phase of the Bluegrowth II Competition was indeed a brilliant experience for everyone present, the contestants, the audience and us, the Advisory Board tasked with the difficult responsibility of rating and short-listing the Teams that will proceed to the next phase. Although these may be 5 out of all those that presented, […]

EQnomics® @ BP Egypt

Congratulations to a very warm and welcoming team at BP Egypt for successfully concluding Basic Target-XP®! We can but only wish you that your every aim is achieved- you now know exactly how to get there!   Photos from the EQtraining®: It’s good to share:

EQnomics® & nlpingreece® @ CSAP Certification – Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies

On Friday, October 16th 2015, EQnomics® founder Mr. Nikolas Theodorou has the honour and pleasure to participate in the Professional Presentation themed: «Competitive Advantages for distinction – Become a Certified Professional»   Representing EQnomics® as its Managing Director & nlpingreece® as its Executive Consultant and complementing a panel of distinguished co-presenters, he is presentation theme […]

EQnomics® @ International Publishers Exhibition – Autumn 2015

EQnomics® is thrilled to participate with an interactive Professional Presentation at the Autumn ’15 Thessaloniki International Publishers Exhibition and the Autumn ’15 Athens International Publishers Exhibition as guests of International Publishers Exhibitions! Especially designed for all those who are directly or indirectly involved with education and business ownership. An interactive presentation aiming at discussing and […]

EQnomics @ Municipality of Athens’ “City of Athens Business Council”

you can be a history TAKER or a history MAKER! It is the first of its kind, innovative, gutsy and productive initiative on behalf of the City of Athens. The conference begun on the morning of the same day during which the citizens of Athens gathered outside the Greek Parliament exhibiting their wish for the […]

EQnomics @ Blue Growth Shipping and Logistics – Startup Weekend Piraeus

What an exciting weekend! During a startup weekend, open to the crowd, interested individuals of any age, industry, skill-set, discipline, function or experience are invited to Present their original idea, Get Shortlisted, Create a Team, Create a Plan, Receive Mentoring, Feedback, Direction and Ideas, and Pitch their planned end-proposal! The “Startup Weekend Piraeus – Blue […]

EQnomics® @ the “Startup Weekend Piraeus – Blue Growth, Shipping and Logistics”

EQnomics® is Growing….BLUE! We are excited to announce our active participation as Sponsors & Mentors as part of our support to the efforts, initiative and vision of young or simply fresh and determined entrepreneurs, to the upcoming “Startup Weekend Piraeus – Blue Growth, Shipping and Logistics” taking place between May 29th and May 30th. Startup Weekend […]

Introduction to the NLP system in Communication & Negotiations

We would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone who joined us on Thursday 7th of May @ The Cube Athens for our free Introductory Presentation to the NLP system and how you can strategically boost your existing skill-set via our upcoming “NLP Communication & Negotiations EQLeader®” Certified Training. Within the 1 hour […]

EQnomics @ Friends’ Corner: Advisor Lectures

As Friends Corner enjoys some wonderful times we, as members, supporters and advisors, bask in the joy of seeing our little ones playing and learning alongside one another in our warm clubhouse. For us personally, our experiences as parents at Friends Corner as well as professionals at EQnomics, have enabled us to prepare a series of Neuro-Linguistic […]

EQnomics @ Le Petit Paris d’Athenes

EQnomics @ le petit Paris d’Athènes 2014, themed From Belle Epoque to World War I. 100 years later. Within the context of its activities revolving around the Human, the Business and Education, EQnomics took part in the annual cultural festival Petit Paris d’Athènes 2014, organised and brought to you by the Athens Art Network. Watch […]