EQnomics® @ International Publishers Exhibition – Autumn 2015

EQnomics® is thrilled to participate with an interactive Professional Presentation at the Autumn ’15 Thessaloniki International Publishers Exhibition and the Autumn ’15 Athens International Publishers Exhibition as guests of International Publishers Exhibitions!

Especially designed for all those who are directly or indirectly involved with education and business ownership.

An interactive presentation aiming at discussing and illustrating practical methods for resolving any issues that potentially arise within or outside the classroom via maximising the communication and possible “negotiation” between teacher-student, teacher-parent, employer-employee and business-customer, starting with a brief thrilling journey on the human brain and the mechanisms with which we perceive, operate and eventually behave.

You can download the full schedule for the:

Thessaloniki Exhibition @ The Met (Saturday/Sunday 29/30 August 2015) from the IPE website here
( Zephyros Room)

The MET - Thessaloniki


Athens Exhibition @ The Divani Caravel (Saturday/Sunday 05/06 September 2015 from the IPE website here
(Ilissos Room)

Divani Caravel Hotel Athens

You can find our article on our EQblog® here.

We shall see you all there!

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