Introduction to the NLP system in Communication & Negotiations

We would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone who joined us on Thursday 7th of May @ The Cube Athens for our free Introductory Presentation to the NLP system and how you can strategically boost your existing skill-set via our upcoming “NLP Communication & Negotiations EQLeader®” Certified Training.

Within the 1 hour of interactive theory and the Q&A session that followed we discussed what is EQnomics, the integrity of our experience and our vision, we delved into the workings of our human brain (remember, MIND is the BRAIN @ WORK!), our filtering mechanisms and touched upon the manner with which each and every one of us uniquely shapes our world, while acknowledging that focused management of all these (and more!) slings ones communication and negotiation capabilities far beyond the ‘next level’.

Below you can find photos from our wonderful evening as well as the unedited videos from our real-time streaming of the event!

See you during the upcoming “NLP Communication & Negotiations EQLeader®” Certified Training. where we shall not simply ignite the conversation; we shall train to EQLead!


Video Part 1

Video Part 2

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