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Congratulations IRI – Piraeus MT for concluding Day 3/10 of Leadership and Management Training driven by your solid view to invest in your invaluable human capital all of whom are already top-class industry intrapreneurs and have contributed to Marshall Islands Piraeus becoming a leader in the shipping industry.

It is an honour for EQnomics to have welcomed this great outfit and watch it evolve within our Training Centre. We will continue to support each and every one of its players in developing the skills and competencies that will lead them to further Excellence!


Read our Press Release below:

EQnomics Partners with IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry’s Piraeus Office on  Human Capital Development Training

EQnomics reinforces its commitment to the maritime industry having been engaged by IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry’s Piraeus office to provide operational and human capital excellence design, training, and development.

Piraeus – 09/07/2019: EQnomics Consulting, the expert in executive training, leadership, and high performance alignment (HPA) for the Greek shipping and maritime industry, has signed an agreement with International Registries, Inc.’s (IRI’s) Piraeus office, which provides administrative and technical support to the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime and Corporate Registries. As industry top tier leaders, both EQnomics and IRI commit to enhancing human capital through HPA and therefore furthering operational excellence within the ever-changing international seas. 

This executive leadership and management HPA programme spans 80 hours over 14 months. It has been custom-made to meet the specific requirements outlined by  IRI’s management team and developed to contribute to the continuous enrichment of the services IRI offers to shipowners and operators of RMI-flagged vessels.

“Both the international and Greek shipping communities are aware of the growing need for development of our human capital which is fundamental to organisational performance,” said John Xenakoudis, General Manager of IRI’s Piraeus office. “Whether a shipowning/management company, a technical or IT consultant, a classification society, a flag State or any maritime organisation, it is the soft skills and abilities of our people, whether ship or shore, that bring the results,” he continued. “We have already seen the results of the human capital development training provided by EQnomics  and have found, through feedback and example, that the training has exceeded our expectations; their expertise is unique, and provides diversity to our office of more than 45 employees with varying international shipping backgrounds,”he concluded. 

EQnomics, having more than 20 years of multinational experience, with a focus on maritime, energy, IT, pharmaceuticals, large organisations and family owned businesses, transforms organisations by capitalising on its unique comparative advantage of localising, industrialising, and personalising each service provided. 

Nikolas Theodorou, CEO of EQnomics Consulting said, “we are honoured to have taken on the task of sharpening the skills of this already successful team. Irrespective of how advanced IT systems are used, there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the correlation between in-vivo human capital development and hard results. IRI’s Piraeus office clearly values the importance of investing in the education of their personnel by providing them with cutting-edge cognitive skills and techniques that actively boost everyday professional and personal performance.

”EQnomics Consulting remains committed to ensuring that the maritime industry can satisfy their needs locally, smoothly, proficiently, and cost-effectively.

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