3rd Blue Growth Demo Day

On the evening of Tuesday 14th December, 250 people, amongst which business-people, startupers and students, filled the amphitheater at the Piraeus T.E.I.University.

The municipality of Pireus once again offered its full support to the Bluegrowth III Demo Day competition, while the 11teams that were successfully shortlisted for their business innovation, presented their ideas and answered any questions that arose. Noted was the fact that they had achieved tremendous progress since the Preparatory Day, which took place several weeks before.

EQnomics® was represented by Mr. Nikolas Theodorou, member of the Bluegrowth Advisory Board, member of the Mentoring Team and Trainer to the competitors in Leadership and Pitching Skills. The next meeting has been set for 24th May 2017, when the teams’ target will be to pitch their ideas in less time as well as have a complete Business Plan.

A huge thank you goes to the Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Giannis Moralis, to Mr. Petros Kokkalis for being the inspirator, as well as Mr. Nikos Ververidis, Mr. George Alexandratos and Mr. Nikos Dimakis for their efforts and excellent cooperation.

Undoubtedly, a grand bravo to the 5 teams that won their entry into the BG III Competition, namely:

  4. e_ marina
  5. marine bi-matters
  6. Special Social Responsibility Award to: LOYTRAKI DIVERS TEAM


Ως EQnomics®  και εκπροσωπούμενη από τον Κο. Νικόλα Θεοδώρου υποστηρίζουμε με τεχνογνωσία και Coaching τις ομάδες μιας και

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