Training at DYNAMARINe!

DYNAMARINe was born out of the necessity to fill a gap in the Ship-To-Ship (STS) Operations domain.

Its Founders, Directors and staff were committed to continuous improvement and growth apparent in the increase of its customer base over the past 5 years.

EQnomics® was born out of the need to fill a gap in the meaningful and results-oriented Business Consulting and Training of Executives and Teams that have reached a trough and realise the need to change or a peak and can only move to the next, higher one, through evolution engineering.

For a little more than a month the Executive Team of DYNAMARINe enjoyed 30 hours of cutting-edge, neuroscience infused EQtraining® with EXECUTIVE NLP squareone® Core Skills® Certification, delved into systemic analysis, identified and reinforced their individual and collective strengths and eradicated unproductive thinking patterns and behaviours.

It is our commitment here at EQnomics® that we assist and support the human element through the application of anthropocentric business and leadership models, values shared with the DYNAMARINe Management Team.

Every single member of the Team challenged both themselves and the rest of the class in co-shaping their transformation, participants perfected their communication effectiveness, their linguistic capacity for cooperating, brainstorming and negotiating and their ability to present, manage and lead!

We wish to thank DYNAMARINe and all the graduates of the EXECUTIVE NLP squareone® Core Skills® Certification for their trust, hospitality and enthusiasm.

It is with pride that we shall marvel at them guiding themselves towards achieving the vision that they now know how to define and attain!


Check out some photos from DYNAMARINe Training!



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