It is now more than ever that Leadership, Agility and Resilience need to be put to the test.

Rapid developments regarding the #COVID-19 that seem to follow one another before we even have the time to process, have had various effects on each and every one of us.

These are times we must all command our senses and gather our strength, assess these historical circumstances, exercise decisive action, protect and support each other and seize the day doing everything in our power to keep going while emerging wiser, better and stronger.

Walking the talk, EQnomics supports every directive announced by international organisations and the state and has, effective March 11th, taken all necessary steps to ensure:

  • A full remote working model that we have been proactively testing over the past year ensuring that all our staff can #stayhome, thus stay safe and healthy,
  • On-premise hygiene/ decontamination measures should emergency require physical presence of HQ staff,
  • Multi-platform Video Call conferences instead of physical meetings,
  • Uninterrupted email and telephone availability incl. weekends,
  • After office hours availability for C-Level executives and MTs
  • Close monitoring of guidance issued by the local Health Authorities and the World Health Organization(WHO) for immediate implementation

We have also customised all our services and bespoke Executive Training so that it may be delivered with the same efficacy via live physical e-Learning sessions while Crisis Management & Coaching calls for Executives have been amongst our top priorities these past weeks as we continue to support the business operations of our clients worldwide.

It is now more than ever that Leadership, Agility and Resilience need to be put to the test.

The EQnomics Team remains constantly available and would like to wish everyone a safe return to normal.

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