Thank you #businesscommunity for your support and true entrepreneurial spirit

Just like businesses all over the world, here at EQnomics, we have also been severely affected by the repercussions of COVID 19 and face a future full of ambiguities and question marks as to how we will eventually adapt to change; let’s face it, human beings lack the ability to predict the future no matter how advanced the technology at hand is or how many scenarios they can build.

Despite challenges we have been very fortunate to have kept frequent contact through coaching sessions with our customers on a global level, during which we were only called upon to smooth out rough edges and provide support as to how to tackle important issues on a short term level. All in all, the feedback we received, was that our previous sessions and training courses, had been essential in helping them deal with the initial disruption of work followed by handling day to day issues that came up. It goes without saying that helping others through crisis management is what kept our own team strong, helped put issues into perspective and look for solutions -one small incremental step at a time. Another thing we are lucky to have witnessed through online meetings, presentations, panel discussions and coffee get-togethers, is the business community – irrespective of industry – that came together, let down its shield and presented a much more human side of entrepreneurial spirit, that of collaboration and camaraderie.

The EQnomics Team is very grateful for all those professionals with whom we had the opportunity to exchange practical advice and we are looking forward to bumping elbows as soon as it can be done. And it will!

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