Flattening one curve, raising the other – strategic tactics for leading the day after

The EQnomics Team would like to thank the WIMA BOD for hosting and organising in collaboration with EQnomics, the interactive webinar “Flattening One Curve, Raising the Other – Strategic Tactics for Leading the Day After” for its members on Wednesday May 6th 2020.

WIMA is a non-profit initiative that was born in 2006. It was created with the aim of establishing and promoting an innovative network of certified shipping companies with global service capabilities, successfully covering every shipping need.

We delved into what pressures we had to deal with, which common factor underlies it all and which 3 issues we can tackle in order to deal with future issues.

We were especially grateful for the participants’ active engagement during the Q&A session which raised many authentic concerns that people shared on the topic.

The past six weeks, shaped by the current Covid19 crisis, has brought extraordinary and abrupt changes to the way we operate globally across the board; Shipping professionals have traditionally and passionately sailed the seas of uncertainty and innovation, always seeking the tools and techniques that allow them to effectively manage requirements. Our webinar was created on this very ability in order to give them some food for thought and turn it into a tool that will serve them in their everyday life as well.

Understanding short-term past and present in order to formulate tactics for the future that may be relevant to multiple strategies was the objective of this interactive webinar during which we examined what we (think) we know so far, how we process, techniques on neuro-cognitive skills that support productive agile thinking which can produce a choice of tactics that may serve us in managing both personal challenges with family in conjunction with our professional options and business resilience within uncharted waters

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