EQnomics survey finds that a legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic may be more work satisfaction, more ethical leadership, and a deeper sense of trust

Research shows that critical barriers to efficient work strategies are the factor of trust together with measuring engagement and performance

Athens, 09/07/2020:

EQnomics Consulting, an international Business Success organisation, strives to be the business world’s first choice for the provision of effective, competitive, and bespoke Executive & Leadership Training, Business Solutions Consulting and professional Coaching services. Serving as a premier catalyst for the dissemination of learning on international best practices, the EQnomics Team has taken actionable steps towards finding answers on the critical necessities for managing the undergoing and expected business environment disruptions.

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Currently, and due to the huge disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to businesses, we have been on top of latest news and developments cross-industry, and have maintained round-the-clock communication with all our clientele ranging from middle to senior management, in order to provide business executives with cutting-edge crisis management support tools. Through a survey conducted on 512 respondents globally, the EQnomics Team shed light on the key areas that need focus in order to be agile enough, better prepared and thus more resilient.

Operational, Commercial and People management, monitoring and performance issues are top priorities, according to survey respondents, all requiring immediate specialised training for effective Up/Re/Cross-skilling.

Amongst the 512 respondents to the survey conducted between 9th and 23rd June online via social media channels LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and an extensive emailing list, 37% were female and 67% were male. Amongst these, 80% belong to senior and middle (59%/21%) management while 43% work in an organisation that employs over 50 people and 34% in one with a headcount of less than ten.

Regarding communication within companies, 90% feel that overall new methods and processes of working were established quickly however 80% of respondents do feel that training requirements on critical sills amongst which effective communication, situational leadership and remote working strategies have proven to be an absolute  necessity.

The top challenges faced by leadership was measuring productivity, trust in employee engagement and finding a system for personnel collaboration.

While unemployment, losing team-bonding and survival of the business are major concerns as expressed in the survey’s open questions, there are plenty of notable best practices. Conducting webinars and online courses, providing employees with training opportunities and enhancing staff engagement are some of the most frequently mentioned practices that spurred respondents’ motivation during lockdowns and gave them greater work satisfaction even during this very unstable period.

Finally, while momentum points to what is now termed a “low-touch economy” it is clear we are witnessing an acceleration of digitalisation and the natural transformations required in our structural, operational, financial and people management  models, especially in industries which lagged in recent years.

It is paramount that both as business leaders and conscious citizens we make the distinction between physical distancing and social proximity, respect the former and honour the latter, build a sense of meaningful trust and swiftly capitalise on our opportunity to design and adopt flexible and resilient environments within which we may operate, lead and thrive.

EQnomics born out of the passion to assist businesspeople create the results they desire and witness them thrive, provides bespoke training courses and consulting services thus boosting company productivity and maximizing work effectiveness. Operational flexibility, commercial re-engineering adapted to the virtual era, establishing meaningful communication methods and creating team alignment (HPA) for a clear company Vision, Mission and individual Roles have proven to be the key factors that deliver company longevity and business sustainability.

About EQnomics Consulting:

EQnomics Consulting, an international Business Success organisation, strives to be the business world’s first choice for the provision of efficient, competitive, and bespoke Executive & Leadership Training, Business Solutions and Professional Coaching services globally.

Born out of the passion to assist companies, teams and individuals create the results they desire and witness them thrive, our DNA is our comparative advantage of Localising, Industrialising and Personalising every service provided.

By combining innovative approaches with the multinational expertise and industry (Shipping, Energy, Multinationals & Family Business) knowledge of our team, EQnomics Consulting provides top-of-class services that guarantee its customers results fused with real profitability and performance through a uniquely smooth collaboration experience incomparable in quality and application.



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